How do I request a new On-Premise (S: Drive) folder?

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The default file location is in the cloud (SharePoint). There is limited file storage on-premise (S: drive). This article concerns requesting a new folder in this location. Requests for additional space on the on-premise (S: drive) requires justification. Folders on the S: drive are organized in a multi-level structure. This tutorial will explain basic S: drive folder structure and how to request and create new folders on the S: drive.

Request file storage assistance

Folder Structure

First Level: Every department at the University of Idaho has a main folder at the root of the S: drive, such as S:/DepartmentName - Example: S:/ITS

Second Level: The second level is where new folder requests can be made. This will contain a folder name that supports its function. An example would be a "Finance" folder for all finance information - Example: S:/ITS/Finance

How to Request a Folder

Only board appointed full time faculty and staff can request a new folder to be created. A control group will be created for this request that will allow the owner to provide access to the folder using the Account Management Page. Click "Request file storage assistance" above:

  • Full path of new folder: (Example - S:/DepartmentName/NewFolder)
  • Owner of control group: (Example - jvandal)

What if I need to change the owner of the folder?

To request a change in folder ownership, click "Request file storage assistance" above. We will contact the new owner to confirm they wish to take over responsibilities and make the change.

If you have any further questions please contact ITS.


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