When to create a new SharePoint Storage Site?

For more information on SharePoint Storage Sites and Folders please review this article: https://support.uidaho.edu/TDClient/40/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=1660

SharePoint Storage Site Restrictions

  • 25 TB total available storage (hard limit)
  • Recommended less than 300,000 total files
  • Recommended max permissions 5,000


SharePoint Storage Site Creation

Note: In general, creating a new Storage Site should be avoided when possible and a group should be included with their parent department or division.

When should a new site be created?

  1. If the site restrictions listed above will be exceeded by a single group or project.
    • Example: a research project requiring multiple TB of data that would affect others in their shared department Storage Site.
  2. There is a distinct separation of a group from their department or division.
    • Example: some departments may be listed directly under the President's Office but are considered separate entities.
  3. There is a specialized security or sync restriction required.
    • Data classification and sync restrictions are set per-site. If a department needs to restrict sync, or has other security considerations, it may require a separate site.
    • There is a shared "High Risk" storage site which restricts syncing to "compliant" workstations. Compliant workstations must meet certain requirements like whole disk encryption, joined to Active Directory, etc.

SharePoint Online Site Migration Warnings

  • It is difficult to move content between sites and metadata may be lost during migration including file owner, creation time, versioning and recycle bin content.
  • Holds and retention policy may differ between sites.
  • The web interface limits moves to 100GB and will typically fail. The OneDrive Sync client may need to be used.
  • Renaming a site is possible but will break site links.



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