What file limitations are there with SharePoint online?


SharePoint Online has some file restrictions and is not meant for all files and storage uses. There are best practices related to how you name your files and which files should be used from the cloud and which shouldn’t. SharePoint Online is used for file storage with OneDrive, SharePoint Storage Sites, Microsoft Teams and a number of other Microsoft 365 services.


File Naming

When uploading documents and folders into SharePoint Online storage locations, certain characters can’t be used. Examples of characters to avoid are: ~ " # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }


File Types

Some files don’t lend themselves to be used from SharePoint Online or OneDrive.  Large files especially, if launched without downloading them to your local computer first, can cause a desktop to react very slowly.

File types to be avoided include:

  • Any files that contain High Risk Data.

  • Any files over 250 GB in size.

  • Access Databases.

  • Outlook backup files.

  • Video editing files (like those used in Adobe Premier Pro).


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