How do I mount my On-Premise (S drive) in Windows?

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This tutorial will guide you through mounting your On-Premise Shared (S: drive) drives to a Windows computer. 

Please Note: If you computer is not connected to AirVandalGold or AirVandalHome you will need to connect to the VPN first. You can find a link to that support article here.


Note: U: drive is no longer available. All files have been moved to OneDrive. 

See File Storage Migration to the Cloud


Request file storage assistance



Step 1:

The QuickConnect tool automatically maps your User and Shared drives to your computer. Click the Download button below to install it.


Once it has finished installing, press Run.

Run the tool


Step 2:

If prompted, enter your University of Idaho username and password. 

Download the tool, entering your UI credentials


Step 3:

Once the tool has finished running, you can access your data by opening File Explorer and navigating to the This PC dropdown on the left. 
Once the tool is done, your drives should show up under your computer drives.


Step 1: 

Open File Explorer and select This PC. Find and click the Computer tab, and select the Map Network Drive option. 

Step 2

For the Shared drive, select S: for drive and enter the folder;  \\\shared. For the User drive, select U: for drive and enter the folder; \\\users\(first letter of username)\(username)

If you set these to reconnect at sign-in, note that it will only correctly reconnect if you already have the VPN running or are connected to a University of Idaho network. 


Your drives should now appear under This PC in File Explorer.

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