How to restore files and folders on a SharePoint storage site and OneDrive?


This article shows how to recover a deleted file from a SharePoint Storage site. You can restore multiple folders and files at the same time. The folders and files will be restored in their original location. You can use the same steps to recover files in OneDrive.

Note: files and folders are available to restore for up to 90 days from deletion.


Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft has help documentation and videos available here:

Additional point in time restore options are available for OneDrive although these steps should be followed with caution as it can result in data loss:


Recycle Bin

Step 1 - Go to and at least the top level folder where the file or folder was located

You only need to be in the top level folder (Storage-OIT, Storage-COS, etc.) to restore files and folders beneath that level. You can restore multiple folders and files at the same time.

Note: The folders and files will be restored to their original location.

See Knowledge Base article How do I access SharePoint Storage? if you need help accessing and navigating to SharePoint Storage site.


Step 2 - Click on Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin will have files and folders others have deleted as well as files and folders you have deleted.

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Step 3 - Select the file(s) and/or folder(s) needed and click on Restore

The folders and files will be restored to their original location. In this example it is the IMG_8630.PNG file which will be restored to a folder under Storage-OIT/Documents. 

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Second-stage Recycle Bin

If you are a Site Collection Administrator, such as for your personal OneDrive site or you are owner for a Team site, you will have access to the "Second-stage recycle bin". This can be accessed by going to the Recycle bin and scrolling to the bottom of the file and folder list.

The message "Can't find what you're looking for? Check the Second-stage recycle bin" will be displayed.

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The Second-stage recycle bin restore is identical to the regular Recycle bin restore process.



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