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By accepting these terms of use, you are signifying that you understand the purpose for this service and the terms as outlined below.

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OneDrive @ University of Idaho is a file synchronization and collaboration service offered through Microsoft Office 365 and managed by Information Technology Services at the University of Idaho. It enables files to be stored in Microsoft data centers and accessed and synchronized by University of Idaho Faculty, Staff, and Students in web browsers and via the Sync clients on some platforms.


This service is not intended for storage of files which might be classified as "high risk" by your department, the University, or for legal compliance. Specifically restricted files include, but are not limited to, those containing sensitive personal information (SPI) as defined by Idaho Law including names in combination with Social Security Numbers, driver's license or other Idaho identification card number, or bank account or credit or debit card numbers. Any high risk data must still be limited to ITS-managed internal file services (S: and U: drives).

You accept responsibility for securing your data appropriately, including:

  • Setting appropriate passwords or passcodes on all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) with data access.
  • Not sharing your password.
  • Limiting any file or folder sharing to those with a legitimate educational interest (FERPA) or a valid need to know in order to perform University business.
  • Reporting any lost or stolen devices promptly to ITS Security and your department.
  • As an employee of the University, all of your devices using or synchronizing with OneDrive @ University of Idaho may be subject to legal requests including public records requests, subpoenas, etc., as approved by UI Counsel.

This service may be subject to additional terms under current or future UI policies.

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