What are the SharePoint storage site and folder naming guidelines?


SharePoint Storage Sites are Microsoft SharePoint Online "Isolated Team Sites" which are used exclusively for file storage. Even though they are based on a "Team" SharePoint template, they are not connected to the Microsoft Teams service or Microsoft 365 Groups.



There are four structural components to a SharePoint Storage Folder location:

  • SharePoint Storage Hub Site
    • All Storage Sites are associated with a single Storage Hub Site allowing searching across all sites and a shared top bar navigation menu.
    • Web Address: https://storage.uidaho.edu/ (redirects to https://vandalsuidaho.sharepoint.com/sites/Storage)
  • SharePoint Storage Site
    • The SharePoint Storage Sites have the prefix "Storage" in each site name.
    • Example: https://vandalsuidaho.sharepoint.com/sites/Storage-Engineering
  • "Documents" Document Library
    • Under each SharePoint Storage Site is a default Document Library named "Documents". Browsing to a Storage site automatically redirects to the root of the "Documents" Document Library.
    • Example: https://vandalsuidaho.sharepoint.com/sites/Storage-Engineering/Documents
  • SharePoint Storage Folder
    • Within each "Documents" library the individual SharePoint Storage Folders are created and permissions are applied. These folder names are up to 45 characters in length and cannot contain special characters, spaces, or the reserved words "Forms", "Readonly" and "RestrictedView".
    • Example: https://vandalsuidaho.sharepoint.com/sites/Storage-Engineering/Documents/Folder1

There is an additional special storage location for high risk content:

  • SharePoint Storage High Risk
    • All high risk content is stored in a single site that blocks syncing except from managed computers. The site name is "Storage-HighRisk"
    • Example: https://vandalsuidaho.sharepoint.com/sites/Storage-HighRisk



Permissions are applied to a folder through Azure AD Security Groups with these names:

Group Name Permissions Example
Storage-Site-Folder Default "Contribute" access (read and write) Storage-Engineering-Folder1
Storage-Site-Folder-Readonly Readonly "View" access Storage-Engineering-Folder1-Readonly
Storage-Site-Folder-RestrictedView Restricted View access (read only, no download) Storage-Engineering-Folder1-RestrictedView


Membership Management (End-User)

Multiple owners can be assigned to Azure AD Security Groups. They are managed through the Microsoft "My Groups" functionality or Outlook Web. To access "My Groups" go to https://myapplications.microsoft.com/ and select the top "My Apps" menu and select "My Groups".



Membership Management (Local Support)

Azure AD Storage Groups are automatically added to the "Storage" Administrative Unit and can be updated by Local Support Teams using their "su" admin accounts.


Folder Creation (Local Support)

The ability to create new SharePoint Storage Folders is done through the Toolbox SharePoint Online site at https://vandalsuidaho.sharepoint.com/sites/Toolbox. Select the "SharePoint Storage" menu item and "SharePoint Storage Folders" list. Click on "+ New" and select the Storage Site and enter a folder name. You will receive a Teams notification when the folder has been created and permissions are applied.


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