How to manage access to SharePoint Storage Folders


Only owners of a SharePoint Storage Folder can grant access. Files and folders are not shared the same way they are on OneDrive. Owners give access via Microsoft's My Apps online portal (

  • Owners can only give access to individuals.
  • Owners cannot give access to a group.
  • Owners still need to manage access to folders on the S: drive using as before.


Add Individual Access

Remove Individual Access


Add Individual Access

Step 1 Sign into My App Portal

Open browser and go to

You will be redirected to University of Idaho specific site. You will be prompted to login using your university email address and password if you have not logged in previously that day (see What will Cloud Authentication look like KB article for more information).


Step 2 Go to My Groups

Click on the down arrow next to My Apps on the black menu bar (A) and click on My Groups (B). You will have to do this twice.


Step 3 Select Group to Add Individual Account

Scroll down the 'Groups I own' column until you reach appropriate group. Click on the the group you want to add the individual account


Step 4 Add Individual account

Click on the plus sign (+) to the right on the MEMBERS ROLE ID line. 


Start typing the individual's account name or full name (A). Click on the individual's name or account then Add (B) to add them. You can add multiple accounts at one time.


Click on OK to confirm adding the member.




Note: the elipses (...) next to member name allows you to add them as an owner. Only do this if you need to give that individual the rights to add and remove individuals from the group.


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Removing Individual Access

Follow Steps 1 - 3 from Adding Individual Access to get to the appropriate storage group. Note, you will have to repeat the steps twice to remove a member.

Step 4 Remove member

Click on the elispes (...) next to the member you want to remove. Click on Remove member.



Confirm you want to remove individual from group by clicking on Yes.



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