How to manage access to SharePoint storage folders?


SharePoint Storage Files and folders are not shared the same way they are on OneDrive, direct file sharing is restricted. SharePoint Storage Folder owners must grant access through group membership. All access groups are named "Storage-<Site>-<Folder>".

  • Only owners of a SharePoint Storage Folder group can grant or revoke access.
  • Owners can only give access to individuals.
  • Owners cannot give access to a group.

How to manage SharePoint Storage Folder access:


Access Microsoft My Groups

Go to the Microsoft "My Groups" web page at Click on the "Groups I own" menu item.

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Filter the groups by the name "Storage" to list only SharePoint Storage Folders. Click on the group you would like to edit.

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Click on the "Members" tab to view the current membership.

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Adding Group Members

To add a member, click on "Add".

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Enter an email address for the new member and select them from the search drop down.

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You can add multiple members at a time. Once, the new members are listed, click on the Add button to add them to the group. It is also possible to add other Owners to the group here as well.

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Removing Group Members

To remove an individual member, click on the "Remove" link to the right on the member row.

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To remove multiple members, click on the left side select box for all the members to remove. Then select the "Remove Members" link.

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A confirmation dialog will be displayed to confirm the change.

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