How to map a drive to SharePoint online with WebDAV?


Note: Microsoft recommends using the OneDrive sync client with "Files On-Demand" instead of directly mapping a drive using WebDAV. This is an alternative to the sync client and may be slower for larger file transfers.

The SharePoint Online infrastructure is available to access using the WebDAV protocol and can be mapped on a Windows computer when the WebClient service is enabled. These steps need to be followed to initially connect to the service. You will also need to reconnect to the site periodically in "Internet Explorer mode" to re-authenticate.

Warning: Microsoft has announced discontinued access to SharePoint and OneDrive using IE11 in mid-January 2023. This may adversely affect Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode in Edge. This functionality is likely to break.


Add SharePoint Online to Trusted Sites

This step only needs to be done once.

Open the "Internet Options" control panel. This can be found by typing "Internet Options" when the Windows Start menu is open.