How to use OneDrive "Request Files" dropbox?


Microsoft OneDrive provides a feature named "Request Files" that can be enabled for a OneDrive folder. This creates a link that can be sent in an email to allow contributors to upload files directly to the folder using a web browser. When files are uploaded you will receive an email notification that a new file is available.

Note: OneDrive links are valid for up to 180 days.


"Request Files" Setup

To setup the Request Files feature, create a new folder, select the folder and click on the "Request Files" link in the toolbox. In this example the folder was named "Dropbox".

Enter a description for "What files are you requesting?" This will be displayed to the person uploading the files. In this example, "Team Project" was used.

On the next dialog select "Copy link" or enter an email address you want to directly send the link to.

Click Done to complete the configuration.


Upload Process

Once you have sent the link to the recipient they will see this upload process.

After they select the file(s) they want to upload, they will be asked to enter their name. The name will be prepended to the uploaded filenames.

They will see a success message when the files have been successfully uploaded.

Note: If the user is already signed in, the name will automatically be filled in with the Display Name.


New Files

Once the upload is complete, you will receive an email message from with a link to the see the new files.

When you browse to your OneDrive folder you will see the newly uploaded file with the uploader name added to the filename.



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