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Hardware/software requests, issues, event equipment, technology equipment surplus, and mobile apps.

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Other Standard Items List

This category includes standard items that cannot be purchased through the Technology Procurement Portal (uidaho.oetc.org). Customers can select items from these lists and then click "Purchase Item" to submit their items for purchase.

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Pinned Article How to use the Technology Procurement Portal (Staff and Faculty)

This article provides instructions on how to order, cancel, and return U of I standard technology hardware items using the Technology Procurement Portal (TPP)

Adobe Acrobat Sign-in

How to sign into Adobe Acrobat Pro DC if prompted for login.

Central Device Management FAQ

For further information or answers to other questions, contact your local IT support staff or email IT-BestUse@uidaho.edu.

Esri Software

A list of ESRI software available through the University of Idaho.

How can I use Office 365 Online?

This article explains how to use Microsoft Office Online to easily collaborate, remotely work, share and edit different Office 365 applications at the same time as others.

How do I Disable "AutoSave" in Office 365 products?

This article will walk you through disabling "AutoSave" in Office 365 products like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

How do I get Microsoft Products?

Information about Microsoft Products offered at the University of Idaho.

How do I install Microsoft Office on my Mac?

This article explains how to install MS Office on to a Mac running OSX

How do I install Microsoft Office on my Windows computer?

Learn how to install Office 365 on your Windows PC. Office 365 is provided for affiliated students and employees of the University.

How do I install Skype for Business?

This article provides links to instructions on how to install Skype for Business on a WIndows machine and a Mac.

How do I use Office 365 for my mobile device?

This article explains how to install and use Microsoft Office Mobile on your Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows phone.

How do I use Skype for Business?

This article explains how to use features in the Skype for Business application.

ITS Software Tools

A list of the tools provided directly from ITS at the University of Idaho.

Opening Adobe Creative Cloud Applications for the First Time on Computer Lab or Classroom Computers

Adobe change licensing for computers multiple people use such as in computer labs and classrooms called Shared Device license in 8/2019. At the same time it changed the how users log into Creative Cloud applications for the first time on each computer of those computers. This knowledge base article is only for computers with Shared Device license.

Security Software

A list of the software provided through ITS Security, with links for downloads.

UI Microsoft Office FAQ

This article provides answers to common questions UI affiliates may have about Office 365 ProPlus and its use.

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

What is Office 365 and how do I use it?

This article explains Office 365 and how to use the different programs offered within the suite.

What is Sli.do?

Information about Sli.do polling software.

What software does UI support?

List of supported software.