Esri Software

Below you will find versions of Esri software provided to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Idaho. These software may be used for teaching, research, or administrative purposes unless indicated below. Commercial use of any product is explicitly prohibited under the terms of the Educational Site License Agreement. Those downloading software agree to permitted uses put forth in said agreement.

Please select the product you wish to download and enter your NetID username and password when prompted to begin the download. More information about Esri software is available at:

ArcGIS Desktop software is a large download in excess of 2GB. To ensure your download does not interrupt, please make sure to have a broadband connection and to download these files using Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Request software assistance

If you have questions about licensing or technical support for Esri products listed on this page, please contact Bruce Godfrey by email at or phone at 208-292-1407. Additional information can be found via the University of Idaho Library website at


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