Options for Oracle Unsupported Versions of Java

Oracle Java 8 is no longer supported by Oracle without a paid subscription. OIT's best recommendation is to replace or update the application to one that does not require unsupported versions of Java. Reach out to the vendor of any application that requires Java to find out if they have updates or are planning on updates. If you still need Java 8 or any other version of unsupported Java, consider the recommendations below. If none of these options work for your particular use case, you must apply for an exception with OIT Security.


Option 1: Free Open Source Java


Option 2: Oracle Java SE Subscription

If none of the open source options work for your application, you can purchase an Oracle Java SE subscription. For desktop the annual subscription is $30.00 per named user. Users cannot share a license. For servers or cloud the annual subscription is $300 per processor. As of October 2019, ITS is still researching any deployment requirements by Oracle to distribute and manage Java subscriptions. Submit a service request ticket to purchase the subscription.

For more information go to Oracle Java SE Subscription website. 



Please create a Install Software ticket if you need help selecting and/or installing a recommended option.



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