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Campus Mail uses Pitney Bowes as its shipping vendor, providing an easier and friendlier process. To enroll, email and provide any index numbers you wish to use.  Once you have been added to the Pitney Bowes system you will want to navigate to Software Center (Windows) or Self-Service (MacOS) to download and install the Pitney Bowes Device Hub software.

How to use Software Center - Article - How to use Software Center ... (

How to use Self-Service - Article - Installing Applications on ... (

Once Pitney Bowes Device Hub is installed you will need to click on Start and launch DeviceHub for the first time.  For MacOS, please go to your Applications folder to find DeviceHub.  With DeviceHub up and running please go to the Campus Mail CMS website.  to make sure you are logged in.

Once you are logged in click on the gear icon to the left of your name and then select My Devices.

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Once you are in My Devices, you will need to click on Device Hub.  This will tell Pitney Bowes what printers are available to you in order to print your shipping labels. 

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While you will see a lot of printers please use only the printers assigned to you.

If you have any questions concerning the use of Pitney Bowes Device Hub and the new Pitney Bowes shipping service please contact Campus Mail at 208-885-7011 or

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