Purchasing Apple Hardware

Apple hardware can be purchased through the OIT Procurement office. 

Standard specifications for Apple models typically purchased can be found here: Service - Hardware Procurement Request (uidaho.edu)

Apple Purchasing FAQ's

  • Where does OIT Procurement purchase Apple hardware?
    • OIT Procurement orders Apple hardware directly from Apple's E-Commerce site. 
  • How long will my order take?
    • Estimated shipping dates may vary depending on product availability and over-seas shipping delays. 
    • OIT Procurement will provide an ETA after the order has been placed, as well as provide order updates along the way.
  • Is a warranty required when purchasing Apple hardware?
    • 4-Year AppleCare+ for Schools will be included on all applicable Apple purchases. 
  • Am I able to purchase Apple iPad's through OIT Procurement?
  • What about Apple accessories like docking stations?
    • OIT Procurement can order Apple accessories available on the E-Commerce site.
    • Docking stations for Apple laptops are kept in stock in the OIT Procurement office. 
  • What monitors can I use with my Apple hardware purchase?
    • Our standard Lenovo monitors are compatible with all Apple devices. 
    • If you think you may need additional adapters, please contact your TSP for assistance. 
  • Once Apple discontinues a model, OIT Procurement may not be able to source that hardware once Apple sells out of that product. 
  • Can I order my Apple hardware in any color? 
    • Unless a specific color is requested, all hardware will be purchased in the color "Space Gray," or whatever the standard color for that model may be. 
  • Can my Apple order be engraved?
    • Yes, but it may add overall time for the delivery of your order. If you would like an eligible item engraved by Apple, please make a note of what you would like on your hardware procurement request. Service - Hardware Procurement Request (uidaho.edu) 

For more questions about Apple purchases, please contact your TSP. 

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