Customer Technology Shipping Guide

The following is a guide to shipping University of Idaho owned computers or other technology to OIT for surplus or warranty repair. This guide also contains information for shipping University owned hardware to remote employees. 

If your shipment is for a warranty repair, please be sure to work with your region TSP or Local Support to save any information that may be needed on your device.

If your shipment is for surplus, please work with your region TSP or Local Support to surplus the device.

Please ship to this address:


University of Idaho

ATTN: OIT Procurement

875 Perimeter Dr. MS 2440

Moscow, ID 83844


It is important to pack technology strategically to prevent damage. UPS or other shipping locations sell boxes with packing materials specifically for technology.

This link gives detailed instructions on shipping laptops specifically:

How To Ship Batteries | UPS - United States

*It is important to note that laptops must be powered down for shipping.


This link discusses shipping other forms of technology. UPS can help with secure packaging to make sure the item arrives safely and without damage.


When shipping anything back to the University of Idaho, please submit a ticket to OIT if you haven’t already done so, and include the ticket number on the outside of the package in which you ship your device (formatted on the package as "TDX #nnnnnn" substituting your ticket number for the "nnnnnn"). This will allow ITS to properly process your device package when it is received. 

In your ticket to OIT please include the shipping date and tracking number of your shipment. OIT will track the shipment and confirm it has arrived in the ticket. 

You can submit a ticket to OIT at the following link:



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