Quotas, connections, issues, queues, and devices related to printing.

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Microsoft Printing Services

Information on generating Microsoft Printing Queues

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Adding a print code on Konica Minolta printers (Windows 10)

This tutorial will outline the steps to add "Print Code" on a Windows system.

Adding print codes in MacOS print settings

This tutorial will outline the steps to add "Print Code" on a MacOS.

Configuring User Codes for Printers

This article gives a summary on how to set up User Codes on all operating systems, and details how User Codes are typically configured on a printer.

How do I add networked office printers in OSX?

This article claims how to add a networked office printer in OSX.

How do I add networked office printers in Windows?

This article explains the process of adding networked office printers to a department computer.

How do I check my print quota?

This article explains how to check print quota using the ITS account Management Page (

How do I print to a student lab printer from my personal laptop computer?

This article explains how to print to student computing lab printers from personal laptop computers

Microsoft Printing Services

This article outlines the process to add a printer that is on the standard printer network to the Microsoft Printing Services found at \\ or via smb:// by ticket request to ITS-TII-OEM.

Student Print Troubleshooting Guide

This article discusses steps to troubleshooting issues printing in Student Computing Labs.

What guidelines are there for department/office printers?

This article explains some of the guidelines for purchasing, connecting, and naming new office printers.