How do I add networked office printers in OSX?

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Department machines using the TCP/IP protocol connection method can access department printers. This tutorial will guide you through networking your workstation to a department or office printer in Apple OS X.

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Adding a Networked Office Printer in Apple OS X:

Step 1:

Click on the Apple icon to open the Apple menu and then click System Preferences…

Go to System Preferences.
Go to System Preferences.


Step 2:

Choose Printers & Scanners icon from the menu.

Choose the Printers & Scanners icon.
Select the Printers & Scanners Icon.


Step 3:

Select the add button (+) in the lower left of the window to add a new network printer.

Click the plus sign.
Click the plus sign


Step 4:

Choose the IP option at the top of the Add window. 

Customize the toolbar.
Choose IP Printing Option


Step 5:

In the Address field type in the entire printer name you are connecting to. In addition, you may have to change Protocol to IPP (Internet Printing Port)

Drag Advanced into the toolbar.
Enter Full Printer Name in Address Field


Step 6:

Click on the Advanced icon in the toolbar. When the options are available, the type of connection you will need to setup is a Windows connection.

Setup a Windows connection.
Printer AutoFill Driver


Step 7:

In the URL field you will need to enter the following path: smb:// where the printer name will be the name of the printer to which you are trying to connect.

Type smb://
Generic PostScript Printer Driver


Step 8:

Click on the Please select a driver or printer model and find the printer model/driver from the list. If you cannot find the correct model, the generic option should work.

Select a driver model.
Printer is now available


Step 9:

When all of this setup correctly please click on the ADD button to install the printer. It will then ask you if this is a duplex printing unit, which enables double sided printing. Make sure this option is checked, then press OK.

Check the box next to duplex unit.
Check the box next to duplex unit.


Step 10:

The printer will now appear in your devices list and available for printing when turned on.

Printer is now available.
Printer is now available

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