Adding Print Code to Canon Copier.

  1. Click on Start and type settings.  When "settings" is displayed like the image below click on settings.



  1. With the “Windows Settings” window now open click on Devices.

  1. The window will now display devices.  You will want to click on Printers & Scanners on the left side.

  1. Next, your list of printers will be displayed.  Select your printer and click Manage.

  1.  Next, you will want to click on Printing Preferences, and a new window will appear.

  1. With the Canon Printer properties open you will want to click on the Device Settings tab and then click on Settings in the bottom right corner.


  1. With the Department ID/PIN Settings window now open click on the Allow PIN setting check box and then enter your Department ID and PIN. 


  1. Once you have set the ID and PIN you can click on OK to back out of the windows.


  1. You are now set to print to your department Canon copier.




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