How do I set up secure print for a Konica Minolta Printer (MacOS)?


This tutorial will outline the steps to enable "Secure Print" on a Windows system. Please note that if you installed the printer using the "Print Server" the following steps might not work.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):


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Setting Up Secure Print for a Konica Minolta Printer on MacOS:

Step 1:

For "Secure Print" to work properly the konica drivers need to be installed. These drivers can be found at this link here. Please search for the printer model and install the manufacture drivers. The printer also needs to be installed with the correct drivers. See this article for more information on installing a printer. See "Konica image 1" for a reference.

Image 1: Konica Website


Step 2:

Assuming the konica printer has been installed with the correct drivers we can now proceed. First navigate to "System Preferences" and then click on "Printers & Scanners".

Image 2: Printers & Scanners


Step 3:

Now select your konica printer from the printer list. On the right hand side click on "Options & Supplies".

Image 3: Options & Supplies


Step 4:

The window below should show up. Click on "Options"

Image 4: Options


Step 5:

For this step make sure the "Secure Print Only" Box is checked and hit "Okay". The changes should be saved now.

Image 5: Secure Print


Step 6:

To verify that "Secure Print" was successfully set up please launch Microsoft Word. Next, print a document of your choice.You will presented with a screen like the one shown below. In the "Document ID" Box please type in an alphanumeric pin of your choice. Now hit the "Okay" button. The print job will be sent to the Konica Printer. See this article for steps on retrieving your print job. 

Image 6: Document ID

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