How do I set up secure print for a Konica Minolta Printer (Windows)?


This tutorial will outline the steps to enable "Secure Print" on a Windows system. Please note that if you installed the printer using the "Print Server" the following steps might not work.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

 Windows 10

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Setting Up Secure Print for a Konica Minolta Printer on Windows:

Step 1:

To begin please type in the search box, "Printers & Scanners".  This should bring up the option seen in "Image 1". Go ahead and click on it. Now proceed to the next step.

Note: This is assuming you are running Windows 10. Other version of Windows may see some differences. 

Image 1


Step 2:

After clicking on "Printers & Scanners" you will be presented with the following screen. Locate your Konica Minolta Printer and select "Manage". Please note that your printers name may differ.

Note: This is assuming that you already have the printer installed with the correct driver. If you do not see your printer please contact your TSP or local support team.

Image 2


Step 3:

Once you see the window below click on ,"Printer Properties" and it will launch a new window shown in Image 3.1. If you see Image 3.1 scroll down under the "My Tab" tab and locate the drop down menu called "Output Method". Once you have found that setting proceed to step 4.

Image 3

Image 3.1 Drop down MeniuOutput Method



Step 4:

Now click on the drop down menu to reveal some options. The option we want to click on here is titled, "Secure Print". Once you click on it, it will bring up a new window shown in step 5.

Image 4


Step 5:

Lastly, it is time to set up a secure print id. In this window type inside the box labeled, "Secure Print ID". You can choose a pin that is easy to remember. The max number of characters allowed is 16. Once you have a pin click, "Okay".

Image 5


Step 6:

Finally, make sure your settings under the drop down menu "Output Method" says "Secure Print". You are now ready to hit "Apply" in order to save the settings.  Please see article here for instructions on how get the copier to print your secure print job.

Image 6.

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