How do I print my "Secure Print" documents off a Konica Minolta Printer?


This article will outline how to print documents that are stored in Secure Print. Secure Print is a feature that Konica branded Printers and Copiers have. This feature allows you to print securely and be at the printer when printing sensitive documents. 

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Secure Print:

Step 1:

Start by making sure the printer is at the main menu. This can be done by hitting the "Menu" key on the side. The box we want to tap on is, "User Box". For simplicity it is boxed with a red box.

Note: These steps may vary from printer to printer.

Image 1: User Box


Step 2:

If step 1 is completed properly you'll see a "System" button like seen in Image 2 below. Tap on the "System" button located in the lower left hand corner.

Image 2: User Box - System


Step 3:

For this step we want to tap on the item labeled, "Secure Print".

Image 3: Secure Print


Step 4:

Next, type in your Secure Print Pin in the box, "Document ID". If you have not set up a Secure Print Pin please follow the instructions here.

Note: Do not type anything in the "Password" box. 

Image 4: Document ID


Step 5:

Anything that has been sent to the printer recently will show up here. You can select the documents you wish to print. As you select documents you'll see some new options on the right hand side of the screen (see image 5.1 below for reference). Once you are ready to print hit the "Print" button on the right hand side of the screen.

Image 5: Document Selection


Image 5.1: Document Selection Printing


Step 6:

This is the final step before printing. At this window you can specify a few settings like, "Duplex/Combining", "Finishing", and "Zoom". If everything appears correct hit the big blue "Start" button. Congratulations your documents should now be printing.

Note: The document will disappear once printed or deleted.

Image 6: Start Button

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