Adding print codes to Ricoh copiers (Windows)


This article aims to assist with setting up print codes for Ricoh brand copiers for Windows 10 computers.

Adding Print Codes for a Ricoh Copier on Windows 10:

Step 1:

Click on Start and type settings.  When "settings" is displayed like the image below click on Settings.


Step 2:

With the “Windows Settings” window now open click on Devices.


Step 3:

The window will now display devices.  You will want to click on Printers & Scanners on the left side.


Step 4:

Next, your list of printers will be displayed.  Select your printer and click Manage.


Step 5:

Next, you will want to click on Printing Preferences, and a new window will appear.


Step 6:

With the Ricoh, printing preferences window now open you will want to click on the Detailed Settings tab.


Step 7:

Next, you will want to click on Job Setup, and then input your print code into the User Code: field.


Step 8:

Once you have entered your Print Code/User Code click apply and then OK.  The window will close and then you can close the Windows Settings window and try out the printer.

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