Adding a print code on Konica Minolta printers (Windows 10)

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Printers that are used by multiple people or departments often require a layer of security to prevent just anybody being able to send or retrieve printed documents. This guide aims to help in setting up a print code for Konica Minolta brand printers to meet this security goal.

This article is for the following platforms:

  • Windows 10

For assistance setting up a print code for MacOS, see our other article: Adding print codes in MacOS print settings

Adding a Print Code for a Konica Minolta Printer on Windows:

Step 1: Select Printer

Click Start then search (just begin typing) Printers & scanner then open it. Find and select the printer you need to add the print code and click Manage


Step 2: Open Printing Preferences

Once directed to the new page, choose Printing preferences.


Step 3: Navigate to Authentication/Account Track

Click on the Basic tab then choose Authentication/Account Track...


Step 4: Enter Print Code

Under Account Track enter your print code under PasswordNothing else should be entered on this screen.

Click OK then click Apply on the next screen.

You should now be able to print to the Konica Minolta Copier.

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