Konica Printers With a Maintenance Agreement (Fisher's Technology)


This article contains contact information for Fishers Technology. Fishers Technology is the vendor for our maintenance agreement for Konica Printers. If a Konica printer needs maintenance, use this article to contact Fishers Technology and provide the information required in order to allow them to perfom maintenance.

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Fishers Technology Contact Information:

Service: 509-558-8821

Supplies: 509-558-8823

Website: www.fisherstech.com

What to look for?

Step 1:

Find the "Fishers Technology" sticker on your konica printer.

Image: Fishers Sticker


Step 2:

You will be asked to provide the FEQ tag number to identify which unit you are calling about. For example your FEQ tag number may be FEQ12345.

Image: FEQ Tag

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