Administrative Applications

Banner, Marketplace, FAMIS, Evisions/Argos, and Document Imaging, etc.

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Room Scheduling and Inventory Management

Provides information and timely updates on Banner application solutions.

Information about Stellent, Oracle Imaging, Capture etc.

Information about the Ecommerce application Marketplace including order canceling, refunds, export to Excel, notifications, finding transactions, and more.

Articles related to the administration of iOS and Android mobile apps. Target audience can be either end users needing assistance with a departmental app, or app administration staff charged with the oversight of institutional mobile apps.

Additional information regarding the individual cards available to people in MyUI

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Banner 9 FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about Banner 9 Admin Pages.

Banner Trainers List

Looking for someone to help you with Banner 9. This list provides contact information for those in various areas who can assist.

Getting Connected to Oracle Database Connections (ODBC)

This article details how to establish an ODBC connection, such as the ones used for DDS and PROD databases.

How do I embed a Qualtrics Survey in a webpage?

This article explains the process of embedding a Qualtrics Survey in a webpage.

Qualtrics - Email Reports for Surveys

Setting the correct domain when setting up email reports using the Qualtrics system.

Qualtrics - Sending Email Survey Invitations

Setting the correct domain when sending out surveys using the Qualtrics system.

VandalStar FAQ

Answers to common questions regarding VandalStar

What does the status mean in TDX?

This article is a quick rundown of the current status's in TDX. Keep in mind this can change as we move through the process and more information is in the TDX strategy guide.

What is Qualtrics?

This article explains the Qualtrics survey services offered at UI.

CS Gold Gatekeeper Permissions Request

Gatekeeper access and privileges.