How to request a Supplemental Forms Transfer

How to request a Supplemental Forms (aka Page Builder or Banner Extensibility) transfer:

  • In PPRD pagebuilder export all pages, domains, and css to the PPRD Server, not to your local machine
  • Open a ticket with the App Admins using the Supplemental Forms Transfer service request found here: Service Catalog > Information Technology > ITS Internal Services > App Admins > Supplemental Forms Transfer > Request Service
  • Subject: Pagebuilder transfer - <project name>
  • List all pages, domains, css in the Descriptions
  • Wait for 9, 1, or 4 for transfer to STAG
  • Test project in STAG
  • Update ticket to request transfer to PROD
  • Wait for 9, 1, or 4 to transfer to PROD
  • Complete


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