Qualtrics - Sending Email Survey Invitations

This article covers the requirement for using the Qualtrics system to send out surveys with the appropriate domain to make sure survey email invitations are received to @uidaho.edu or @vandals.uidaho.edu email accounts and are not quarantined or blocked by our email systems. If you are looking for assistance setting up survey reports please see the related article Qualtrics - Email Reports for Surveys.

Getting Started: If you are not sure how to distribute a survey via email through the Qualtrics system you can review the process at the following Qulatrics Support Page.
Email Survey Invitations (qualtrics.com)

When setting up your email survey invitations the University of Idaho requires email messages sent through Qualtrics surveys to use an @uidaho.edu sending address and the noreply-qualtrics@uidaho.edu address is recommended.

If you have experienced your survey invitations not arriving at the desired @uidaho.edu or @vandals.uidaho.edu email addresses you may not have set the correct sending address as described above. Below is a screenshot example of using the noreply-qualtrics@uidaho.edu email address when setting up your survey email distribution. This screenshot can be compared to step 7 From Address, From Name, and Reply-To Email under the getting started link for Qualtircs support article. 


Technical Info: Qualtrics has default domains available for general use in the system for sending out email invitations to surveys. These domains are not safe-listed by the University of Idaho and will be quarantined by our email system and the email invitations will not be sent to @uidaho.edu or @vandals.uidaho.edu accounts. 

Qualtrics Domains that will not be allowed to send to @uidaho.edu and @vandals.uidaho.edu accounts

Please use an @uidaho.edu domain and in most cases the noreply-qualtrics@uidaho.edu as the from address in Qualtrics. 


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