What does the status mean in TDX?

Received: (Class: New, In Process):  Ticket is available to be worked on and any assigned technician can claim it.

Waiting for Customer Response: This status is used by the Local Support/TSPs when they are waiting for the customer to respond.

In Process: (Class: In Process):  Ticket has been evaluated and work is progressing.  

Resolved: (Class: Completed): This (occasionally) status is used when the customer issue has been resolved, but a larger issue has been discovered and still needs to be resolved internally.  

Closed: (Class: Completed):  Work has completed on the request and no further actions are planned.  

Cancelled: (Class: Cancelled):  Ticket requester has withdrawn the request.  

On Hold: (Class: On Hold):  This status is used when the task that needs to be completed is in the future.  An off hold date is set.  An example would be UIBound events.  They are in March and April but preparations are in progress.

Actively Deployed: (Class: OnHold): This is a status used by Technology Lending for easy reporting of what is currently being loned out.  

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