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IT Guides provide an easy way to solve common tasks which require interaction with multiple services.

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Departing Student Guide

This article includes information graduating or departing students need to know before they leave the university.

Department Employee Onboarding Guide

Hiring a new employee? Use this guide to prepare to get them up to speed quickly and successfully.

Departmental Printing Guide

This article is an overview of how to set up, connect to, and troubleshoot a departmental printer for employees.

How to get support for Canvas services?

A brief summary of how to get support for Canvas services, including the All Employee Training Modules.

How to view my IT tickets?

A guide to inform users how to access their tickets from the web

Internet Self-Defense Dojo

IT Security primer for incoming students.

New Employee Guide

A guide for a new UI employee covering basic OIT services and general orientation.

OIT Technology Support Portal Guide

Learn how to use the Tech Support Portal to find solutions and get IT services.

UI Student Laptop General Recommendations

ITS recommended laptop specifications for students