How to Get Support for BBLearn Services

BBLearn, also known as Black Board Learning, is a digital classroom platorm used primarily by students and instructors to access online web courses. All employees will need to be able to interact with BBLearn at some point, especially new employees that need to complete their on-board training modules, as well as yearly mandatory security training for all employees.

General Support

TSPs have very limited support capabilities when it comes to BBLearn. TSPs can check to ensure that University of Idaho accounts connected with BBLearn are enabled and active. For any other support, individuals can email, or go to one of the following pages for self-help:

All Employee Training Module Support

Occasionally, employees will have trouble accessing the training modules required to be done at the start of employment, or taken yearly as a refresher. As long as these indivuduals are using employee accounts, they should be automatically enrolled in these courses.

If an employee is having trouble with training modules, and they are using an employee account, then they will need to contact Employee Development and Learning (EDL, formerly known as Professional Development and Learning) at


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