Department Employee Onboarding Guide

Congratulations on adding a new member to our Vandal family!


It is an university goal for new employees to have a great start immediately on their first day; including logging into their computer with their account, having all the access they need. This guide is intended to help departments engage OIT to ensure the new employee has all the technology needs setup and ready when the employee first down at their desk.

  • It is not too early to consider the new employee’s computer needs during the recruitment process, especially if you believe a special order will be needed. OIT maintains an inventory of standard computers and accessories but to account for potential supply chain issues, work with OIT early to give plenty of time to order and receive any unique computer setups. 
  • Create a ticket for new employee services as soon as HR creates a V number. This allows for account creation and computer setup to be completed before the new employee’s first day. There are a few overnight processes that can take 48 hours to complete before the new account has full access.
Note: An account cannot be created until the new employee has a V# created by HR. During busy times it can take several days to get the V#.


New Employee Service

Use the New Employee Service to request multiple services for a new employee including university account/NetID, computer setup and phone setup. If you only need a university account/NetID you can submit a New Account request.



OIT needs the employee’s full name, V#, and start date to create an account. Preferred Account names will be accommodated when possible. It can take up to 48 hours for processes to complete before the account has full access including to university training modules.

Affiliate accounts are for individuals not employed by nor enrolled at the University of Idaho but need a Vandal account. An Affiliate EPAF must be submitted to HR to create a V# for someone needing a University of Idaho account. More information can be found on the Human Resources’ Banner & EPAF Resources Website.



Per University policy (30.16), computers must be cleaned of all data through OIT approved processes before it can be deployed to another employee. It is best practice to re-image a computer that has been in storage for any length of time to ensure it has all the latest software and updates. Put in the computer name and location of the re purposed computer in Additional Information if you have it.

You must submit a separate ticket if you need to purchase a computer and/or Software License like Adobe Acrobat or Creative Cloud. Do not forget to check accessories such as webcam or headset.

Hardware Service Requests


Communication and Collaboration

The University invests in a number of communication and collaboration tools to help employees stay connected. Review our standards to see what options are available or reach out to OIT through the form below for assistance. 

Phone Service Request


Vandal Card

The new employee can get a Vandal Card without leaving their office. They create a Vandal Card ticket and attach a photo. The Vandal card can be mailed to the employee. If you have an appropriate photo, you can create a ticket on behalf of the employee. For more information on the process and photo requirements see Vandal Card Service or knowledge base article, “VandCard – Frequently Asked Questions”.

Ask your department about adding building card access for the new employee. Each department will usually have a designated gatekeeper who can add access to the new employee's Vandal Card.



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