Department Employee Onboarding Guide

Congratulations on adding a new member to our Vandal family!


While you can rest easy knowing that the lengthy process of finding the right candidate is over, there is still some work left to be done before your new employee is ready to contribute to the mission of your team and the University of Idaho. To assist you in making this onboarding as smooth as possible, we have constructed a technical guide designed for your department to use as a reference for providing new employees with the IT resources they will need. Please note that this guide is oriented towards Information Technology, and additional tasks may be required by other university departments.

An employee-specific guide is available in our ITS Guides. ITS recommends that you review both guides with your employee to ensure that all technology needs are met. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your regional Technology Solutions Partner (TSP) or System Administrator. You can find your TSP here:

 It is important to provide your TSP with a minimum of two weeks to process requests. This gives your TSP an adequate amount of time to order and set up hardware and equipment, and other departments to properly schedule trainings.

1) Hardware Purchasing

Your Technology Solutions Partner will facilitate technology purchases, and is available to answer any questions you may have. Here are some things to consider when purchasing new hardware with your TSP:

  1. Will the employee be on the go? If so, a laptop with a docking station might be more suitable than a desktop.
  2. Will they be needing a phone? If so, what type?
  3. Are any special peripherals required? If your department does not have one, the employee may need a printer. A web camera (if not already part of a device) can be useful for Zoom meetings.
  4. What office will the employee have? This will help your employee determine if any ports need to be patched.
  5. What applications will the employee be using?

Once you and your TSP have decided on what is needed, provide your TSP with a budget number and fiscal contact to have them place the order. After the order has been placed, your TSP will keep you notified of the progress.

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2) HR & VandalCard

While the hardware is being ordered, have the employee visit Human Resources, located on 415 W 6th Street, to fill out paperwork. After an employee has completed the initial HR paperwork, a Vandal Number (V#) will be assigned.

  1. If the new hire is a benefits-eligible employee, they will head over to the VandalCard Office, in Pitman 124, to get their VandalCard.
  2. If the new hire is a temporary employee, please send an email to with the employee’s name, V#, and position before sending them to get their VandalCard.

What trainings are required?

Once the Electronic Personal Action Form (EPAF) finishes processing, employees will have access to Vandal Web. Here, they can complete the FERPA Tutorial, and view/update other important work and personal information. Contact HR (or your TSP for technology related training) for more information.

Will the employee need building access?

Now that the card has been issued, access can be assigned. If you do not have the ability to delegate access yourself, ask your team or supervisor. Your department will usually have a designated gatekeeper who can grant building access to the VandalCard. 

Request VandalCard assistance

3) Accounts

As a supervisor, you may have to sponsor an account for your employee. A sponsorship is required if the employee is a temporary help (TH) employee.

If the account is used for any purpose that violates the U of I computer use policy, ITS will work with the "sponsor" concerning issues about the account. The sponsor is also responsible for updating the account's expiration.

The sponsor, who must be a current board appointed employee, will need to send an e-mail from their official University of Idaho e-mail account to the appropriate TSP or System Administrator with the following information:

  • Sponsor's Vandal ID Number
  • Sponsor's phone number
  • Vandal ID number of the sponsee -OR- the following information (to create a Vandal ID number):
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Alternate/personal email address
    • Reason for sponsorship
    • Duration of sponsorship
  • Sponsored accounts for the University of Idaho can have any expiration date with up to one year at maximum. Sponsorship can be renewed by the sponsor as needed at anytime (including removing sponsorship or decreasing the sponsorship timeframe).
  • Preferred sponsee username

Request new account assistance

To Renew Sponsorship:

A sponsor can renew or modify sponsorship for an account in two different ways:

  • By logging in to the Account Management site and clicking on the link titled Extend Account Expiration under the Account Utilities menu.

  • By contacting their appropriate TSP or System Administrator through e-mail from their official University of Idaho e-mail account stating that the account sponsorship needs to be extended and how long the extension is needed.

A sponsor cannot change their sponsored party's password. If the sponsored party has a student account, they will need to visit and login with their student account information to set a password for their new employee account. If this is their first account, they will need to visit this address to set a password: Their employee username is their NetID.

Request sponsorship assistance

4) Meeting Your TSP

It’s time for your employee to meet their Technology Solutions Partner (TSP) or Local Support Team. In this meeting, the TSP will enroll your new employee in Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO) and create an email account, if necessary. If the employee was hired from within, they can manage their University of Idaho account by logging into Please mention if the new hire is working with high risk data, and your TSP will encrypt the machine using Whole Disk Encryption. The pin/password for this will be set in-person.

Will the new employee be teaching in a technology-enabled classroom?

Once the Registrar’s Office assigns the classroom location and schedule, the employee will receive instructions to contact Classroom Technology Services. For more information on this process, please refer to the New Employee Guide at

What applications will the employee be using?

Work with your department and your TSP on granting access and providing the trainings for any applications, such as Banner.

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