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Welcome to the OIT Tech Support Portal.

The OIT Technology Support portal is the best way to engage OIT to request services and report technical issues you are experiencing. By using the portal, you can use the OIT service catalog to quickly find and submit a request to engage your Technology Support Partner (faculty and staff), Student Technology Center, or other OIT team members.

From the portal home page, you can open the service catalog to create a ticket. The service catalog is split into major topics. These topics are usually categorized by function. This allows us to ask for specific information for that function so we can quickly start working on your request. By selecting the right request, you will enter the information needed by OIT to provide faster support to address your need. Thus, saving you time and effort.

In addition to ticket submission, the portal home page lets you check status and comment on your active and completed tickets.  You can also search the knowledgebase to look for articles on solutions to many problems.

This guide will go over the following topics:

The OIT Technology Support portal has been updated to streamline the interface and make forms more responsive to your needs. Work is still being done to make it easy to understand and use. OIT wants your feedback. Please make a comment at the bottom of this article to give us suggestions.


How to Navigate the Portal Home Page

Navigate to oit.uidaho.edu and sign in with your UI credentials/NetID using the button in the upper right-hand corner. You must sign in to create or see your tickets

OIT Technology Support Portal home page has Search and Sign In at the top right of the page. The menu bar has quick access to Services and the Knowledge Base. The Quick Assistance box has rapid access to Submitting a Ticket, finding your tickets with My Tickets, getting to Knowledge Base, Services, and to Launch Enterprise Applications page (Launch Applications).

OIT Portal Home Page Screenshot

If you're on a mobile device you will need to select the hamburger icon on the left to sign in.

Mobile version OIT Portal Home Page screenshot



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Self-Help Knowledgebase Articles:

From the portal home page, click on Knowledge Base either on the menu bar or in the Quick Assistance box. You need to be signed in to see most of the knowledge base articles.

OIT Portal Home Page Knowledge Base Highlighted Screenshot

The knowledge base articles are divided into categories. Under each category is a list of articles providing self-help information. On the right column you will see Popular Articles, Recent Articles you have viewed and Popular Tags. Articles are tagged with key words that allow you to find the article you are looking for. If you cannot find what you are looking for try looking at Popular Tags to use in your search. Click on the category then select an article.

Knowledge Base Categories Screenshot

If you can't find what you're looking for under what seems like the obvious category, use the search option to find related articles. The knowledge base has a specific search in the navigation bar (or hamburger on mobile) on the main knowledge base page.

Knowledge Base Search Screenshot

Enter your search term and hit enter. Related articles will be listed. Click on the appropriate article. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can create a ticket for your TSP or the Student Technology Center.

Knowledge Base Search Results Screenshot


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Create a Ticket Using Services

Creating a ticket using the associated service is most effective way to gather all the information needed to for OIT to start working on your ticket. Many of the forms are smart and help lead you to provide the information needed to immediately act on your request.

From the portal home page, click on Services either on the menu bar or in the Quick Assistance box.

OIT Portal Home Page Services Highlighted Screenshot


Each category has a description of services. Down the right column you will see My Recent Requests, Popular Services, My Recently Visited Services and Popular Tags. Click on the appropriate category to get a list of services.

Services Categories Screenshot


The related services are listed and, again with My Recent Requests, Popular Services, My Recently Visited Services and Popular Tags on the right column. Click on the service you need.

Services Purchase Hardware and Software Category Screenshot


The service description includes instructions and more information about the service as well as links to related knowledge base articles. You can also find related knowledge base articles on the right column. Click on Request Service on the right column. In this example there is also a link to Hardware Procurement Request service in the description.

Hardware Procurement Request Description Screenshot


This service has a smart form. As you make selections options will appear to help guide you to provide the information to quickly act on your request.

Hardware Procurement Request Smart Field Demo Screenshot


The Requestor or, in this case, Person Receiving Hardware is automatically filled in with your name. You can change this by clicking on the red x then start typing the name of the appropriate person to select from a list. Click on the question mark to get more information about that field. Any field with an asterisk is required and must be filled in before the ticket can be created. Click on Request at the bottom of the page to create the ticket.

Hardware Procurement Request Filled In Screenshot


You will get a message your request was successfully created. Service Request ID is your ticket number. Please include your ticket number when asking for updates. From here, you can create another request of the same type, look at the request you just created or view your current ticket requests.

Note: You will also receive an email with the ticket number and details. You can reply to this email to make a comment, ask for an update, etc. You will also receive email notifications when the OIT staff person updates the ticket.

Hardware Procurement Request Created Successfully Screenshot


If you can't find what you're looking for under what seems like the obvious category, use the search option to find the service you're looking for. Like the knowledge base, services has a specific search in the top navigation bar (or hamburger in the mobile version) on the portal home page. If you still can't find what you're looking for submit a generic ticket from the portal home page.


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Finding, Reviewing submitted Tickets and Making Comments

Find your tickets from the portal home page by selecting My Tickets under the Quick Assistance column. This will take you to the Ticket Requests page where you can view all your tickets submitted through the support portal.

OIT Portal Home Page My Tickets Highlighted Screenshot


You will see a list of your open tickets or tickets that are associated with you by default. You can refine your results or look for closed tickets from the top section of this page. You can narrow your search by entering a date range in Created. To search for closed tickets, change the Status Class to Completed.

Ticket Requests with Status and Created Date Boxes Highlighted Screenshot


Click on the desired ticket. The ticket will open so you can see status in upper right. Click on Withdraw Request to cancel your request. Click on Add Attachment to give more information on your ticket. You can see where the ticket is in a workflow (not all services have a workflow) plus many details you provided when you created the ticket. In the Feed section you will see any updates by the OIT staff person working on your ticket. You can ask for an update or add information by clicking on Comment

Note: You can also update or comment by replying to ticket email sent to you. You will receive email notifications when your ticket is updated so you do not have to go to the portal to look for updates.

Ticket Review with Sections Highlighted Screenshot


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