My Recently Visited Services

I want information related to getting or using a Campus ID card (Vandal Card).

I need to reset my Vandal account password.

I need a Banner account and/or access to a Banner Module. Access to FAMIS, Facilities' management tool, is granted by Facilities Management.

I need a new Vandal account for myself or someone else. Please submit requests for new accounts as soon as new employee has a Vandal number.

I need to request help or ask a question about an Administrative Application

I'm having trouble connecting to University WiFi

I'm having an issue with my wired internet connection or need a wired port turned on.

I want to get a DUO app on my smart phone or a hardware token for the 2nd level security method.

I need to connect to my University of Idaho resources (Banner, shared drives, etc.) from home or another location off campus.

I want information about my print quota.

Choose this if you are having a WiFi or Connectivity issue not listed above

I want to report an Issue or Outage to one of the Universities Administrative Applications

Choose this if you have an Account, Access or Password concern not listed above.

I need access to an Administrative Application (i.e. Marketplace/Touchnet, Argos/Evisions, Oracle Imaging, CS Gold, etc.)

I want to receive and send mail or instant message on my mobile device.

I have a request or question about getting or using a addressed website.

Warranty Claim Service provides assistance in returning equipment to vendors for warranty repair.

I need help with Guest or Eduroam WiFi

Choose this if you have an Email, Messaging or Web concern not listed above.

I need a group created for others to share for sending emails or using shared folders.

I have a request or question about Student, Staff or Faculty email.

A printer is not functioning normally but had been previously setup on the network.

I'm having an issue with my firewall

I need to send a message to a large group of @uidaho addresses.