Strategic Enrollment Management

Strategic Enrollment Management Division assists students academically and financially to pursue their educational goals.

Services (6)

Admissions Processing

Requests for training on admission applications in Slate including Slate Reader, assistance with existing admission application reports, and requests for new reports on those in the application stage.

Campus Visits

Requests for Slate related questions, information, and/ or reports can be submitted using this portal.

Enrollment Marketing

The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Enrollment Marketing area provides marketing support.


Support for recruitment based queries/reports, training, and any troubleshooting or questions.

SEM EPAF Request

This form is for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) employees to request an EPAF.

SEM Technical Support

Requests for new Slate / Mongoose accounts or permission changes, importing new contacts into Slate, resolution of technical SEM problems, answers to technical SEM questions, technical Slate person query / report set up or modification, or technical SEM training.