Ticket types include budget transfer requests, financial report (off-cycle) requests, and initiate early closeout of a grant code.

Services (3)

Budget Transfer

This service request is to be used to request that OSP-Cost Accounting complete a journal to move funds between indexes within the same grant code OR between budget lines in the same index where an indirect cost allocation is affected.

This service request is NOT to be used for:
Moving funds between grant codes (this is not allowable)
Rebudgeting that requires sponsor prior approval
Establishing new indexes
Closing a grant code (zeroing out an index is fine)

If you need the latter three items above, do not submit this service request. Prior approvals are initiated in VERAS (veras.uidaho.edu) and establishing new indexes or initiating early close out are both separate ticket types. Go back and select one of those two ticket types.

Financial Report (FFR/SF-425) -Off-cycle request

This service request is to be used to request that OSP-Financial Unit to provide the requestor with an off-cycle financial report (also called an FFR or SF-425).

This service request is generally to be used for:
Providing an FFR to a sponsor for a budget update, no cost time extension request, continuation request, or carryforward request.

This service request should not be used to replace a VERAS prior approval - if you need an FFR to include with a sponsor prior approval, you can request the FFR via this ticket and submit the prior approval to post award team via VERAS (veras.uidaho.edu).

Initiate Early Closeout of a Grant Code

This service request is to be used to request that OSP-Financial unit work with the Department and Principal Investigator (PI) to process a project closeout in advance of the project termination date and scheduled closeout period.
Work and deliverables should be completed at the time this request is initiated, and all final deliverables should have been made or scheduled to made shortly.
Use the description field to enter any questions or concerns to help us respond quickly to your needs in closing out the project.