Additions or changes to the display or the directory located on the ITS-managed Cisco VoIP telephones. Tutorials on how to use the display functions, including the directory, on the Cisco telephones can be found under these tutorials for the 7800 and 8800.

Soft Phone: If requesting a soft phone please provide the following information: First and Last Name, NetID, UofI Phone number, what OS to install the application (Windows or macOS for computers, Android or iOS for smart phones)

Applies to:

Any department/unit currently served by ITS-managed telephone services, having a Cisco telephone

Service Includes:

  • Cisco 7800 phones
  • Cisco 8800 phones
  • Soft Phone (Cisco Jabber Client)

Service does not include:

Non ITS-managed, non-VoIP telephones

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Service ID: 858
Wed 7/13/22 12:56 PM
Mon 8/15/22 5:12 PM