University of Idaho Colleges/Department Surplus, Student lost and found, and event support for solid waste.

Services (3)

Lost and Found

Lost and found request for items that have been lost in and around campus.

Solid Waste and Recycling Request

To request solid waste service events in and around campus.

Surplus Request

This form gives the customer the ability to request a delivery date for university equipment and other items that need to go to surplus. All items and equipment with asset tags (Red or Yellow Property of University of Idaho stickers) must be submitted through the Asset Change/Surplus Transfer Request portal on Vandal Web. All other items should be provided on the Non-Capital Surplus Delivery List (this can be downloaded on the page attachments at the right hand side of this webpage) and attached to ticket before a surplus delivery request will be approved, after which, a delivery date can be scheduled, and items can be allowed for surplus.