Ticket types include Gift Vs Grant, request current and pending support data, and request training from OSP.

Services (3)

Gift vs Grant Determination

This process initiates the review of a funding opportunity to allow OSP and the Foundation to determine whether the opportunity is more appropriately processed as a gift or a sponsored project (grant). Please attach the request for proposal, proposal submission guidelines, tentative budget, and a sample award document (from the sponsor) if you have them.

This request should be submitted far enough in advance to allow for appropriate review and response, so that if the opportunity is determined to be a sponsored project you can meet the requirement for timely submission of materials in VERAS (veras.uidaho.edu).

By submitting this service request the submitter certifies that the information provided herein is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge.

Request Current and Pending (Other) Support Data

This service request should be used to request that OSP provide you with data to help complete a current and pending support form.
There are two reports that OSP can provide for sponsored project data that is required for a current and pending support form. A departmental grant administrator (DGA) or PI with Banner navigation training can also access the current support report in Argos.
Pending support reports are only accessible through OSP via this ticket type request.

Note that OSP does not have access to provide data on faculty affiliations, memberships, gifts, or non-sponsored activities and funding - that data needs to be gathered from the office with oversight of those areas.

Request Training from OSP

Request this service to have an OSP member contact you to schedule a one-on-one or group training. Please include information on the requested training topic(s) and any specific trainer that you would like to meet with in OSP. We will try our best to accommodate your request and schedule.