Ticket types include submission of Just-in-Time information, requesting a letter of institutional commitment for a proposal, submit a revised proposal budget, and waiver requests for Cost Share, F&A, and APM 45.22 (PI/Co-PI status/eligibility).

Services (4)

Process a Just-In-Time (JIT) or Agency Portal Submission

Just-in-time is a term used by sponsoring agencies to indicate that they need more information on a submitted proposal. This is usually at the intent to award stage, but could be a request for clarification, supplementary information to help the sponsor evaluate the proposal further, or a request for a second (or subsequent) submission of materials that were previously approved via VERAS through an agency portal. The request often includes updated current and pending (other support), biosketches, and protocol information when applicable.

If you received a request from a sponsoring agency to provide clarification on a submitted proposal and to submit documents in response to that request, this ticket is the proper way to communicate and coordinate with OSP.

Note: Some proposal revisions or proposal section revisions (such as a revised budget, revised scope of work, etc.) might require a VERAS proposal revision. Reach out to Pre-award team with questions ple

Proposal - Request a Letter of Institutional Commitment

For purposes of the process below, we are discussing any letter of commitment required by the sponsor that signals institutional commitment to the program.

Sponsors, particularly Federal sponsors, may require a Letter of Commitment (or similar title) as part of the required proposal submission in the Request for Proposal (RFP) guidelines.  For best results, the content of that letter should be prepared by a member of the proposal team as the required signatories will ordinarily not have the time or specific technical knowledge to do justice to the letter and the proposal.

OSP will review the letter for compliance with the proposal guidelines as well as check for voluntary cost share or other problematic commitments.  They will also coordinate the review and signature process with the appropriate offices.

Note that the Provost and President's offices request at least 14 business days for review of a requested letter; please plan for this timeframe.

Submit Revised Budget - Pre-award ONLY

Utilize this service request to initiate pre-award sponsored programs administrator (SPA) review of a revised budget for an existing (and approved) VERAS proposal.

This service should not be used to submit a revised budget for an awarded project - that should be done via a prior approval or budget transfer. Sponsor prior approvals are initiated in VERAS (veras.uidaho.edu).

Waiver Request (APM 45.22, Cost Share, F&A)

Complete this form and attach the required supporting documents for OSP to respond with a determination on waiver requests for reduced F&A (indirect costs), cost share over the required amount, or to request approval for a PI/co-PI status per the requirements of APM 45.22.