Consulting, Training, & Projects

Solution needs, training, ITS project requests, project consulting, and event support requests.

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IT Support for Special Events

How and when should I request ITS support or equipment for my event?

Naming Conventions for Initiatives, Programs, and Projects

Outlines the formatting required for Initiatives, Programs, and Projects created in the work management system.

What is a Technology Solutions Partner?

About Technology Solutions Partners, part of a 2017 structural change to ITS.

Where do employees go for technical assistance?

Overview of where to go for help as a U of I employee.

Where do students go for technical help?

How to contact the Student Technology Center (STC) for technical assistance.

Which TSP region am I in?

Information about how to find your regional TSP.

Portfolio & Project Management Office

Project management is a set of principles, methods, tools, and techniques for the effective management of objective-oriented work (projects). The methodology provides repeatable processes and is used in the context of a specific and unique organizational environment. Project management is the method used to bring a project to a successful conclusion.

IT Governance & Prioritization Guidelines

Outlines guidelines supporting the review, recommendation, and decision process of UI information technology investments.

IT Governance & Prioritization FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding processes for IT project creation, submission, governance, and prioritization.

How to Create a New Project in Work Management System

Step-by-step instructions on how to create a project in Team Dynamix

How to Update a Project in Work Management System

Step-by-Step instructions for various ways to access and manage updates to a project.

How to Close a Project in Work Management System

Step-by-step instructions on how to properly close a project within the work management system.

How to Create Project Templates in Work Management System

Outlines the process for creating a project template within TeamDynamix, which are useful for repeating Projects or project Plans.