Collaboration and Communication

Contains information on collaboration and communication services. These include Teams, Zoom, Telephone services, and Video Conferencing.

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Cisco Phone Service (Legacy)

Information on the legacy Cisco phone service. This service is being transitioned to Teams Voice.

Microsoft Teams Voice

This category will contain articles related to Microsoft Teams Voice supported devices, calling features, and call queue or auto attendant information.

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Pinned Article Collaboration and Communication Standards

The University of Idaho invests in many different products to foster communication and collaboration with the members of the institution. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and telephone services are key examples. On University managed computers, these products are already installed.
This standard is to align existing communication offerings with newer offering requirements to manage resources properly.

Pinned Article FAQ: University Transition to Microsoft Teams Voice

Frequently Asked Questions about the University transition to Teams Voice Services.

Pinned Article Teams Quick Training Modules

This article contains instructions on or links to MS Teams features and functionality. Microsoft Teams learn & help site has quick step by step instructions and videos so you can find the feature you need help with and use immediately. Microsoft is constantly adding and updating features and functionality. If you do not find instructions or a link here try going to Microsoft Teams learn & help site to get the latest information.

Pinned Article University Transition to Microsoft Teams Voice

The University of Idaho, like many other organizations across the country, is moving its phone system to Microsoft Teams. By enhancing capabilities within our current Teams application we can meet the needs of our employees, streamline systems and reduce costs.

Adding 3rd Party Call Tree or Service

Steps to add a 3rd party call tree or service that requires you to navigate their system using a dialpad.

Best Practices For Successful Video Conferencing from Staff Council (April 2019)

Tips to have a successful and effective video conference.

Joining a H.323 Room System to a Non-UI Hosted Zoom Meeting

This article provides instructions for connecting a Video Conferencing room system to a third-party hosted Zoom meeting using the University of Idaho's Zoom licensing.

Supported Teams Devices

An overview of devices for use with Microsoft Teams which are supported and generally available through IT Procurement.

Using a Conference Room with a Logitech Swytch

How to set up your laptop to work with a Logitech Swytch enabled conference room.

Video Conferencing Classrooms

This article explains how to use video conferencing equipment in certain classrooms on campus.