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Telephone services and Video Conferencing.

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AD 132 Conference Room

This article outlines the technology available in AD 132.

Best Practices For Successful Video Conferencing from Staff Council (April 2019)

Tips to have a successful and effective video conference.

Blocked International Country Codes

Countries for which international calls are blocked

Enabling Live Transcription in Zoom

How to request the enabling of Live Transcription within a Zoom meeting.

How do I change the sidecar on my Cisco phone?

This tutorial explains how to change the sidecar on a UI Cisco Phone.

How do I install my work phone?

This article talks about how the Cisco phone models are set up.

How do I reset the software on my Cisco phone?

This tutorial goes through the steps to perform a software reset on a UI Cisco Phone.

How do I set up and use my voicemail?

This article goes through the steps to set up and manage voicemail.

How do I use Conference Now?

This article covers how to hold a phone conference using Cisco phones and the accompanying Conference Now service.

How do I use my Cisco 7841 IP Phone?

How to use the 7841 IP phone.

How do I use my Cisco 8800 series IP phone?

How to use the Cisco 8800 series IP phone (8851, 8861, and 8865).

How do I use my Cisco 8845 model IP Phone?

These tutorials go through how to use the Cisco IP Phone 8800 phone model.

How do I use my Cisco IP 8831 Phone?

This article explains how to use the Cisco IP 8831 Phone model.

How do I use my Cisco IP Phone model 7800?

This article provides instructions on how to use the Cisco 7800 IP phone.

How do I use my soft phone on Windows, macOS, Android or iOS device?

This is a step-by-step guide for gaining access to, installing, and using Cisco Jabber. Cisco Jabber is a piece of soft-phone software that enables mobile users to access their University of Idaho VOIP phones while working remotely. Using this software, you can access your voice messages and place/receive calls from your desktop or mobile phone.

How do I use the Cisco Self Care Portal?

This article goes through how to manage phone settings in the Self Care Portal.

How do I use the video conferencing equipment installed in certain classrooms?

This article explains how to use video conferencing equipment in certain classrooms on campus.

How do I view my additional phones?

This article goes through how to see what phones have been provided to you and how to manage them through the self-care portal.

Joining a H.323 Room System to a non-UI Hosted Zoom meeting

This article provides instructions for connecting a Video Conferencing room system to a third-party hosted Zoom meeting using the University of Idaho's Zoom licensing.

Setting up a Zoom meeting with webinar-like features

Many of the Zoom webinar features are available in a regular Zoom meeting. You may be able to operate your class, meeting, or conference so that it functions as a webinar without using a webinar license.

Telephone Services - Frequently Asked Questions

This is a FAQ page for telephone services at the University of Idaho.

What is my phone PIN information?

This article provides Cisco Phone PIN information.

What is the Cisco Self Care Portal?

This article provides an outline of features in the Cisco Self Care Portal.

What is the dialing information for my phone?

This article goes over the options for dialing out on the UI Cisco Phones.

What phone and headset models are available?

A list of available office phones and headsets from the ITS phones department.

Zoom Privacy Protection

With the added usage of Zoom meetings across the world, there are people exploiting open meetings by joining the meeting, sharing very inappropriate material. In response to this the University of Idaho changed Zoom default settings; only the host can share. This article gives links on how the host can change those settings to allow participants to share. It also links on other features Zoom has to make a meeting private.

Zoom: Connecting to remote classrooms/sites

Steps on how to call out to a remote classroom using Zoom.

Zoom General Guide

This guide serves as a step by step for setting up zoom conference calls.