Joining a H.323 Room System to a Non-UI Hosted Zoom Meeting


This article provides instructions for connecting a Video Conferencing room system to a third-party hosted Zoom meeting using the University of Idaho's Zoom licensing.

Zoom is the preferred video conferencing solution. It allows users to make video chat, and voice calls from computers, tablets, H.323/SIP Video Conferencing systems and mobile devices. Zoom is available for computers running Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or Linux distributions—as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

Occasionally, H.323 Video Conferencing rooms are used for Zoom meetings that are not hosted by the University of Idaho's Zoom account. When this occurs, you will likely see a connection error when attempting to connect the Video Conferencing System to the Zoom Meeting. This is because the third-party's Zoom license does not include Cloud Room Connector licensing.

Fortunately, Zoom allows users to use the University of Idaho's Cloud Room Connector licensing to connect to another company's meeting

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Using UI CRC Licensing on a Third-Party Meeting:

Step 1:

Connect to the meeting on the H.323 room system by dialing into the Zoom meeting using the dialing format.

Step 2:

A splash screen will appear on the Video Conferencing room system display, with a six character code.

Step 3:

Open a web-browser and navigate to

Step 4:

Enter the third-party host's meeting ID in the Meeting ID box, and the six character pairing code, in the pairing code box.

Step 5:

When prompted, sign into Zoom with your UI NetID and password

Step 6:

The Room System should now connect to the third-party hosted Zoom meeting

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