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This article contains links to MS support on Teams features and functionality. Microsoft Teams learn & help site has quick step by step instructions and videos so you can find the feature you need help with and use immediately. Microsoft is constantly adding and updating features and functionality. If you do not find a link here try going to Microsoft Teams learn & help site to get the latest information.

For quick videos, you can visit the Microsoft Teams Youtube Channel. If you have been provided a phone number in Microsoft Teams, we recommend you watch the Get Started with Teams Phone playlist for a quick overview of how to use the Teams Phone features. 

Please see Related Articles in the right column for University specific knowledge base articles as well as Related Services you can request to create a Team or get help for both Teams and Teams Voice.
Known Issues and Workarounds

Other Resources

Make Calls (including setting up Voicemail)


Known Issues and Workarounds

  • Adding a 3rd person or service to a current call removes the ability to use the phone tones when pressing dial pad numbers.
    • This known issue will cause problems when attempting to add a 3rd party line that involves using a call tree to navigate a menu.
    1. Put the initial call/meeting on hold.
    2. Dial the desired third party with the call tree separately using the dial pad in the Teams app.  
    3. Navigate the call tree to get the third-party call connected through the menu options.
    4. Merge the call tree call with the initial call using More Actions (…) --> Call Merge. (See below) .
      This photo locates the call merge button under the three dots drop down.

Other Resources


Get Started

Series of Videos introducing main components of Teams:


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Teams and Channels

BasicsScreen shot Team versus Channel


Work in Teams


Work in Channels


For Teams Owners

Manage Teams
Manage Channels

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Send and Read

Send Messages
Manage Messages
Be social

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Group Chatsscreen shot leave chat


Find and Filter


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Join a Meeting


Schedule a Meetingscreen shot of Teams Calendar

Add a dial-in number
Assign categories to a meeting
Invite people outside your organization
Invite people with a link
Add a co-organizer
Make it a channel meeting
Schedule meetings in a channel calendar
Right-click for more options
Set you Show As status in a Teams meeting

Participate in a Meeting (desktop, mobile and web versions)

Share content on a Mac
Include computer sound
Give and take control of shared content
Zoom in to shared content
Pop out shared content in new window
Turn your video on of off
During a meeting
Change your background
Use video filters
Change your viewscreen shot of view menu options
Large Gallery
Together mode
Assign seats in Together mode
Pin someone's video
Pin your own video
Spotlight a video
Hide your own video
Reframe a video

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Meeting Options

Choose who can bypass the lobby
Before a meeting
During a meeting
Choose who can bypass the lobby
Let people calling by phone bypass the lobby
Get notified when callers join or leave
Choose who can present
Prevent attendees from unmutting themselves and sharing video
Record automatically
Allow meeting chat
Allow reactions
Enable Q&A
Provide CART Captions
Engable language interpretation
Enbable Green room
Who can record
Enable end-to-end Encryption
Allow attendance report
Scheduled meetings
Instant meetings


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Recording Options


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BasicsScreen Shot of Teams Dial Pad


Make calls

Manage calls

Manage your call settings in Teams (including setting up Voicemail)




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Notifications and Setting


Manage notifications in Teams (go to Settings, upper right corner, 3 dots by profile picture)







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Accessibility tools for Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams more inclusively
Make your Microsoft Teams meetings and live events accessible
Use captions and transcriptions
Control Microsoft Teams with your voice
Customize your view
Reduce distractions and find your focus
Choose how you participate


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