Adding 3rd Party Call Tree or Service

The steps below will walk you through navigating a call tree before merging two calls. 

1. Make the initial call to the person you want to connect with before calling the call tree or service line.

This image represents an example of one calling someone.

2. Place the current call on hold.

Place call on hold

3. Make the second call to the call tree or service you need to navigate using the dial pad.

Make second call in teams app
4. use the dial pad to navigate the call tree or service in the second call window.

Navigate call tree using dial pad

5. Once you have navigated the call tree or service and no longer need to use the dial pad, you can merge the two calls. To do this select the ... More option and then choose Merge Calls.

start merge using the more options and selecting Merge Calls.

6. Select the initial call you put on hold and click the Merge button to connect all calls. 

Choose a call to merge
You are now in conference mode with all three parties, and the call will look like the following. You can choose the Leave button at the top right to end the conference call.

Call merged and leave the call

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