Popular Services

I want information related to getting or using a Campus ID card (Vandal Card).

For requesting U of I approved computers and equipment. If your hardware is broken or malfunctioning please submit an Incident Ticket.

Use this service to request changes, access, integrations, and other needed work related to any of the EA supported applications

Facutly and Staff use this service to purchase software or renew licensed software for their use on U of I owned computers, including new purchases of Adobe software products such as Creative Cloud or Acrobat Pro DC.

I need to connect to my University of Idaho resources (Banner, shared drives, etc.) from home or another location off campus.

Services provided by the Business Systems Team.

Argos services provided by Business Systems

Advancement Data Services is the Advancement department that's responsible for entering, storing, securing, maintaining and retrieving most of the data related to the University of Idaho’s Alumni, supporters, donors and internal operations.

Use this service ticket to submit an EPAF request to the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences.

Use this to create a new Vandal email account, decide on a computer, and establish phone services for a new member of the Vandal family.

Department Request for Criminal Background Check

You should select this service ONLY if your service request does not fit any other category of service. Complete all required fields so that we can assist appropriately. 

This service allows you to submit a generic ticket to OSP for assistance. Please select the OSP unit that you are requesting assistance from.

See https://www.uidaho.edu/research/faculty/dga if you need information on the responsibilities of each OSP unit.

You can request the following VandalWeb services from Business Systems

You can make requests of the Business Systems Team that do not match other available services.

Request keys for buildings and rooms.

ITS owned equipment that can be requested to be borrowed for short periods of time.

This form gives the customer the ability to requests a delivery date for university equipment and other Item (s) that need to go to surplus.
Surplus hours for delivery are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and are 30 time slots.

Faculty and Staff use this service to request installation of software already available at the University of Idaho. This includes request for Microsoft Teams, adding software to vLabs, and, for Local Support/TSPs, to request software to be packaged and deployed by EMS.

Complete this form and attach the required supporting documents for OSP to respond with a determination on waiver requests for reduced F&A (indirect costs), cost share over the required amount, or to request approval for a PI/co-PI status per the requirements of APM 45.22.

Request University Advancement constituent data.

Use of U of I's VPN for accessing services with special access requirements.

This service request will allow you to request setup of a new index or indexes under an existing sponsored project grant code - this is not to be used as an early setup request.

Please provide a budget breakdown for each new index that also indicates what index(es) and category/ies the funds for these new indexes should come from to net zero (e.g. rebudget from one index to another). Please also provide a suggested index title and complete the 'department/ORGN' field to reflect the unit that you want this additional index setup under. Use the comments field to add specific details per index.

Zoom Collaboration assistance or webinar need.