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I want information related to getting or using a Campus ID card (Vandal Card).

I would like information on how to use Zoom video conferencing or set up a Zoom account.

Advancement Data Services is the Advancement department that's responsible for entering, storing, securing, maintaining and retrieving most of the data related to the University of Idaho’s Alumni, supporters, donors and internal operations.

For requesting U of I approved standard Apple and HP products or submitting non-standard item request for approval. If your hardware is broken or malfunctioning please submit an Incident Ticket.

I need to request help or ask a question about an Administrative Application

Reserve a space for a meeting, event or activity.

Services provided by the Business Systems Team.

Faculty and Staff use this service to request installation of software already available at the University of Idaho. This includes request for Microsoft Teams, adding software to vLabs, and, for Local Support/TSPs, to request software to be packaged and deployed by EMS.

To purchase a software license such as Adobe products (Acrobat Pro DC, Creative Cloud and individual applications) and Microsoft products (Power BI Pro, Project, Visio and Visual Studio) use New Software Procurement Request.

To get support for Administrative Applications (Banner, VandalWeb, Argos, etc.) see Administrative Applications.

Request a new telephone service, phone, changes to existing service, fax support or a softphone.

I need to connect to my University of Idaho resources (Banner, shared drives, etc.) from home or another location off campus.

Argos services provided by Business Systems

I need a new Vandal account for myself or someone else. Please submit requests for new accounts as soon as new employee has a Vandal number.

I need access to an Administrative Application (i.e. Marketplace/Touchnet, Argos/Evisions, Oracle Imaging, CS Gold, etc.)

Facutly and Staff use this service to purchase software or renew licensed software for their use on U of I owned computers, including Adobe software products such as Creative Cloud or Acrobat Pro DC.

I need to reset my Vandal account password.

I want to report an Issue or Outage to one of the Universities Administrative Applications

I need help or information about Integrating Applications

University supported Enterprise Service Management and Portfolio and Project Management application.

ITS owned equipment that can be requested to be borrowed for short periods of time.

The Office of Technology Transfer can help faculty, staff, and students with the Invention Disclosure process (to assess and protect new inventions or discoveries), Material Transfer Agreements (for the exchange of controlled or sensitive materials, including data), Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements (to protect the exchange of confidential information), and advising for UI-affiliated people regarding protecting and commercializing intellectual property.

Request University Advancement constituent data.

ChromeRiver services provided by Business Systems

Faculty and staff requests for hardware support including moves, preparing technology for new employee, re-imaging a computer, consulting, etc.

Please complete this form to request proposal development service(s) from the Research and Faculty Development team.

I need help with multimedia computers and audio-video equipment in classrooms.