Ticket types include outgoing subawards and non-funded agreements.

Services (3)

Non-funded agreement (MOU/Master)

To initiate processing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Master agreement, complete this service request form and attach the relevant documents to initiate review by OSP Contracts. MOUs and Master agreements are not typically related to a single sponsored project and are non-funded. Note that non-disclosure agreements and material transfer agreements are typically handled by the Office of Technology Transfer and they use TDNext for their service requests.

This service should NOT be used to initiate processing of a grant, sub-agreement, cooperative agreement, contract, etc - use the 'Agreement or Amendment processing' service for these.

Subaward or subaward amendment request

Select this service to initiate processing of an out-going subaward or subaward amendment. Subaward requests must be initiated by the PI or DGA (unit) in order for OSP to issue a new subaward or a modification to an existing subaward.

Fee-for-Services Form

This service is to be used for projects that are funded for trials or other non-research and non-analytical work that do not fit as a sponsored project type of research, outreach, public service, instruction, and other sponsored activity.

The ticket requires certain criteria to be met to be processed as a fee-for-services ticket – you will be prompted to complete those criteria when you enter the ticket details.

If you already have an existing and approved Service Center and have an agreement for a service type under your service center, use this ticket type to initiate review of a new agreement or amendment.