Office of Sponsored Programs

The UI Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is a unit under the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) and our mission is to support faculty and staff in the stewardship of external sponsored funding to complete research, public service, outreach, and instruction projects.

Services (13)

Agreement or amendment processing

If you received an award or amendment directly from the sponsor and are unsure whether they copied the notice to either or please complete this form and attach the agreement, amendment, or addendum to initiate Post Award team’s receipt and processing.

Note that to request an early setup or prior approval (no cost extensions, rebudgeting, change of PI, etc. from the sponsor) the process must be initiated in VERAS ( using an "Early Setup" or “Sponsor Prior Approval Request” submission form.

Gift vs Grant Determination

This process initiates the review of a funding opportunity to allow OSP and the Foundation to determine whether the opportunity is more appropriately processed as a gift or a sponsored project (grant). Please attach the request for proposal, proposal submission guidelines, tentative budget, and a sample award document (from the sponsor) if you have them.

This request should be submitted far enough in advance to allow for appropriate review and response, so that if the opportunity is determined to be a sponsored project you can meet the requirement for timely submission of materials in VERAS (

By submitting this service request the submitter certifies that the information provided herein is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge.

New index under an existing grant code

This service request will allow you to request setup of a new index or indexes under an existing sponsored project grant code - this is not to be used as an early setup request.

Please provide a budget breakdown for each new index that also indicates what index(es) and category/ies the funds for these new indexes should come from to net zero (e.g. rebudget from one index to another). Please also provide a suggested index title and complete the 'department/ORGN' field to reflect the unit that you want this additional index setup under. Use the comments field to add specific details per index.

Non-funded agreement (MOU/Master)

To initiate processing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Master agreement, complete this service request form and attach the relevant documents to initiate review by OSP Contracts. MOUs and Master agreements are not typically related to a single sponsored project and are non-funded. Note that non-disclosure agreements and material transfer agreements are typically handled by the Office of Technology Transfer and they use TDNext for their service requests.

This service should NOT be used to initiate processing of a grant, sub-agreement, cooperative agreement, contract, etc - use the 'Agreement or Amendment processing' service for these.

PI or Co-PI Leaving, Retiring, Transfer Request

This internal form is required to initiate the processes necessary for compliance when a sponsored project PI, Co-PI (or senior key person) is planning to resign, change positions, retire, or transfer projects from the University of Idaho to a new entity. The form asks for detail on each sponsored project that will be effected by the changes and is to be used to gather approvals from the Chair and Dean, as well as other necessary approvers.

Note that this form does not take the place of any required sponsor prior approval request(s) which are project specific and should be inputted into VERAS as part of the PI Leaving process.

Progress/Technical Report Review and Approval

Complete this service request form and attach the technical report and any supporting/required documents to initiate Post Award team review, approval by the AOR, and submission as applicable. 

You should allow at least five full business days for OSP review, response, and approvals.

Select the due date and priority based on the agency deadline for submission.

Proposal - Request a Letter of Institutional Commitment

For purposes of the process below, we are discussing any letter of commitment required by the sponsor that signals institutional commitment to the program.

Sponsors, particularly Federal sponsors, may require a Letter of Commitment (or similar title) as part of the required proposal submission in the Request for Proposal (RFP) guidelines.  For best results, the content of that letter should be prepared by a member of the proposal team as the required signatories will ordinarily not have the time or specific technical knowledge to do justice to the letter and the proposal.

OSP will review the letter for compliance with the proposal guidelines as well as check for voluntary cost share or other problematic commitments.  They will also coordinate the review and signature process with the appropriate offices.

Note that the Provost and President's offices request at least 14 business days for review of a requested letter; please plan for this timeframe.

Request assistance from OSP Post Award

If your need does not fit any other OSP service type, please select this service to submit a generic ticket to OSP Post Award team for assistance.

Request Training from OSP

Request this service to have an OSP member contact you to schedule a one-on-one or group training. Please include information on the requested training topic(s) and any specific trainer that you would like to meet with in OSP. We will try our best to accommodate your request and schedule.

Status Inquiry to OSP

This service allows you to request a status update on an in-process item that is assigned to an OSP team member.

You can check the status of any item that OSP Post Award has received directly in VERAS at - a list of the statuses and their definitions is contained in the Help menu of VERAS.

If you want to proceed with submitting a ticket here to inquire, please 'request service' and complete all required fields and an OSP member will be assigned to the ticket to provide a status update.

Note that we process items in date-received priority order, and it can take several weeks for us to start processing an item depending on staffing levels and volume.

Subaward or subaward amendment request

Select this service to initiate processing of an out-going subaward or subaward amendment. Subaward requests must be initiated by the PI or DGA (unit) in order for OSP to issue a new subaward or a modification to an existing subaward.

Submit Revised Budget - Pre-award ONLY

Utilize this service request to initiate pre-award sponsored programs administrator (SPA) review of a revised budget for an existing (and approved) VERAS proposal.

This service should not be used to submit a revised budget for an awarded project - that should be done via a prior approval or budget transfer. Prior approvals are initiated in VERAS (

Waiver Request (APM 45.22, Cost Share, F&A)

Complete this form and attach the required supporting documents for OSP to respond with a determination on waiver requests for reduced F&A (indirect costs), cost share over the required amount, or to request approval for a PI/co-PI status per the requirements of APM 45.22.