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Faculty and Staff use this service to request installation of software already available at the University of Idaho. This includes request for Microsoft Teams, adding software to vLabs, and, for Local Support/TSPs, to request software to be packaged and deployed by EMS. This service can also be used to ask questions about software and how it's used.

Use this service to submit a technology idea or need to the Office of Information Technology. An IDEA is a technical Innovation, project Discovery, or product Enhancement that is Actionable. This could include a new project, request for application development, an enhancement to a current application or service.

This service replaces and expands on the current Project Request and IT Governance process. Requests will be routed to the Technical Product Management Team for initial technical review and will be routed and managed through the formal IT governance process if necessary. This will provide a more streamlined and personalized experience and a timelier response to your needs.

Use this service to start the approval process for approval of new software to be used by the University for business or research purposes.

If things with software on your computer don't seem to working like they should, or you can't figure out how to do something,

Facutly and Staff use this service to purchase software or renew licensed software for their use on U of I owned computers.

If you can't find the specific service you are in need of, or if you are unsure of what service to select, you should submit a general request and let us help you determine the best way to address your need.