Ticket types include request assistance, and status inquiry.

Services (2)

Request assistance from OSP

Note that to request an early setup or prior approval (no cost extensions, rebudgeting, change of PI, etc. from the sponsor) the process must be initiated in VERAS (veras.uidaho.edu) using an "Early Setup" or “Sponsor Prior Approval Request” submission form.

You should select this service ONLY if your service request does not fit any other category of service. Complete all required fields so that we can assist appropriately. 

This service allows you to submit a generic ticket to OSP for assistance. Please select the OSP unit that you are requesting assistance from.

See https://www.uidaho.edu/research/faculty/dga if you need information on the responsibilities of each OSP unit.

Status Inquiry to OSP

This service allows you to request a status update on an in-process item that is assigned to an OSP team member. If you need a status on an existing and open ticket, please do not create a new ticket here; respond to the original ticket asking for an update.

You can check the status of any item that OSP Post Award has received directly in VERAS at www.veras.uidaho.edu - a list of the statuses and their definitions is contained in the Help menu of VERAS.

If you want to proceed with submitting a ticket here to inquire, please 'request service' and complete all required fields and an OSP member will be assigned to the ticket to provide a status update.

Note that we process items in date-received priority order, and it can take several weeks for us to start processing an item depending on staffing levels and volume.